Mobile Diesel Polishing Service in Leeds, Bradford & Skipton

Diesel Bug is a fungal contamination caused by the growth of microbes at the point where red diesel comes into contact with water and moisture within the fuel tank. Microbes within the bio-fuel feed on the water and reproduce at a very fast pace. As they die they leave behind a waxy sludge which in turn contaminates the fuel. This contamination will block fuel filters and even damage pumps and injectors.

Additives are available to kill the bugs but the additives do not remove them, neither will the additives remove the water, sludge and rust deposits that still sit in the bottom of the tank alongside the diesel bugs.

Our specialised cleaning and filtration equipment has been designed to remove this contamination from your fuel tank. We can remove water, rust, sludge and diesel bug from your diesel.

Your fuel will be pumped out of your tank and circulated through our filters. Initially the fuel enters a centrifuge which spins off the large solids and water droplets. These are collected and removed. Further water is collected on the surface of the filters we use. Again this is collected and removed. Finally the fuel is filtered to remove contaminants larger than 2 microns and returned to your tank.

Your fuel will circulate through our filters many times during this process and enable us to clean your fuel tank using a high pressure wand to return the fuel.

No Fuel will be lost in this process

We will filter and polish your fuel removing any particles larger than 2 microns as well as any water or moisture in your fuel tank.

Recommended mobile based diesel polishers for fuel problems throughout the North of England including Bradford, Skipton and Wakefield.